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IMAGIN Affiliates

Positron Corporation

Positron is a publicly-traded company on the USA-based, NASD Bulletin Board trading under the symbol: POSC.OB. Positron has spent approximately (US) $65 million historically on PET technology and continues to have world leading cardiac and oncology PET technology. Positron Corporation designs, manufactures, markets and supports advanced medical imaging devices utilizing positron emission tomography (PET) technology under the trade name POSICAM™ systems. POSICAM™ systems incorporate patented and proprietary software and technology for the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the areas of cardiology, oncology and neurology. Positron Corporation offers a unique combination of low cost technology and disease specific software solutions differentiating themselves from all other medical device manufacturers. POSICAM™ systems are in use at leading medical facilities, including the University of Texas -- Houston Health Science Center; The Heart Center of Niagara in Niagara Falls, New York; Emory Crawford Long Hospital Carlyle Fraser Heart Center in Atlanta; and Nishidai Clinic (Diagnostic Imaging Center) in Tokyo.

Website: www.positron.com

IS-2 Medical Systems, Inc.

IS-2 designs, manufacturers and distributes a family of scintillation cameras that offer clinical users the highest resolution, most robust features and highest levels of performance and reliability in the industry. A scintillation, or gamma camera, is a diagnostic medical imaging system that is part of a family of systems commonly referred to as “body scanners.” Gamma cameras are used in the diagnosis of heart disease, cancers and a variety of other disorders. A mechanical frame (a gantry) rotates an electronic detector head around a patient in order to take a series of clinical images of the inside of the body. Different from images from x-ray machines which show anatomy, nuclear medicine images after injecting in the patient a harmless radiopharmaceutical drug show how cells and organs function. The Company provides the best quality images at the lowest price in the industry. The scientific team responsible for the design and continued innovation of the company’s world- class cameras comprise more than 125 years of expertise in nuclear medicine, physics, mathematics and engineering. The Company is ISO certified and meets related medical device, safety and regulatory requirements, including USA FDA and Health Canada approval, and has a CE Mark necessary for European distribution.

Website: www.is2medical.com

Quantum Molecular Technologies, Inc.

QMT is engaged in numerous innovative PET and PET-CT technology research and development projects with leading research institutions and universities in Canada and the USA.

CareImaging LP

CareImaging PET Scan Clinic is a partnership that operates the first PET clinic in Ontario that is available to the general public. The Mississauga facility was completed at a cost of over $2 million and the centre has been operating since January 2003.

Website: www.careimaging.com

International P.E.T. Diagnostics, Inc.

International PET Diagnostics Inc. was established in January 1999 with the goal of bringing clinical PET diagnostics to Canada. The Vancouver PETSCAN Centre began operating in October 2000. The Vancouver PETSCAN Centre represents an investment of approximately $4 million, including the cost of building, the facility at the BC Research and Innovation Complex, the PET scanner, associated computer hardware and laboratory equipment.

Website: www.petscan.ca

Quantum Molecular Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Quantum Molecular Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Quantum), a majority-held subsidiary of Imagin Diagnostic Centres, Inc. (Imagin) was formed to capitalize on lack of availability of the facilities required to manufacture the pharmaceuticals used for Positron Emission Tomography (PET). There is very limited availability of the infrastructure which is required as part of the process to commercially manufacture, the Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceutical (PER) 18F-Fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG), the most common compound used for PET scans. Quantum plans to build and operate cyclotrons in many major markets across Canada.

Website: www.quantumpharma.com

CI Pharma, Inc.

CIP is an Ontario-based company providing PERs to PET facilities in Ontario and Quebec through a pharmaceutical distribution partner.

Naviscan PET Systems

Naviscan PET Systems, headquartered in San Diego, CA develops compact, organ-specific imaging devices that precisely identify the location and extent of cancer for guiding therapy. The Naviscan platform technology uses PET scanning that capitalizes on the fact that cancer cells metabolize a radiotracer faster than normal tissue. The Naviscan device recognizes this difference in order to provide clear images of cancer location and extent. The lead product is the whole-breast PEM Flex TM) PET scanner that provides a new window on the earliest forms of breast cancer. Breast-specific PET or PEM ("Positron Emission Mammography") provides images of biochemical activity in the breast with a degree of accuracy superior to either full-body PET or traditional mammography.

Website: www.naviscanpet.com

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